Employee Connections: Mindfulness Monday

Self Care Tip
Try this Six-minute stretch video to help alleviate stress and a reminder to breathe.

Quote of the week

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

Shoreline Moments

Look out in tomorrow’s DAAG for the winners of the Employee Engagement/Wellness Bingo!

Positive comments from our Shoreline Students:

-Comments gathered from a survey from e-Learning.
Question: “Knowing that we all will be learning online for the Spring quarter, and that this is not everyone’s first choice, what can you control as an online student? Is there anything Shoreline can do to make online learning more effective for you? If so, what?”

· As a student, I can control my outlook on the situation. I cannot control the situation itself, but I can shift my perspective to see it in a more positive light. Shoreline is already doing enough to make online learning more effective for me, personally.

· As a student, I can control my workflow and make sure I do not get in over my head. Shoreline is doing a good job making sure I (as with all students) have good access to support.

· As a student, I can control the distractions around me. It is my responsibility to make sure that I am in a distraction free zone so that I can focus on any given tasks or assignments. Shoreline provided really informative links on how to properly engage in online learning, which could be used as a reference if I feel a bit overwhelmed throughout the quarter.

· As a student, I can control what I work on and when. It is within my power to create an effective and pleasant work environment. Thus far, Shoreline has been doing a good job providing the resources I need to succeed online. As long as you all keep up the good work, I’m happy.

· As a student, I can make online learning work for me by adjusting my attitude and routine accordingly. I can make a designated work space, work on my time management skills, and make sure I am eating and sleeping right. Though I may not have control over these scary and uncertain times, these things I have listed are within my control. I think Shoreline is doing a really great job, keeping us all on track under these extreme circumstances,  thank you!

· As a student, I can organize my time and make a comfortable space to do my work. Allowing myself breaks and using that time to be physical and away from screens has benefitted me in the past. Shoreline has provided many resources that have supported me over the years and shaped the successful student that I have become.

· As a student, I need to follow all of the instructions that are given to me and make myself more familiar with the things I am not yet understand about canvas and zoom conference. I feel like Shoreline has been doing a great job in terms of guiding the students and teach them the basics of canvas through this online learning assignments and instructions on the first week of school.

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