Check out this week’s new waves of gratitude submissions!

• A wave of gratitude from Maria-lynn Olsson to Sue Anne Lemkin !
Sue Anne is kind, gentle, helpful, available, and confident in her leadership. I appreciate her honesty when she doesn’t know the next step or when something is a bit of a bummer. She is skilled at keeping us all motivated, calm, and laughing.

She’s the best boss I’ve had thus far in all my jobs. I am so grateful to be part of her mini team!

• A wave of gratitude to Sarah Pearce! Sarah does so much behind the scenes to support the SES division. She it one of the foundational reasons that commencement succeeds every year!

• A wave of gratitude to Lori Yonemitsu! I think people would be hard pressed to find an employee at the college who works as hard as Lori. However, the more amazing thing about her is that she does is with joy, and detail.

• A wave of gratitude to Yushin Wung! This is not for anything in particular, but just for the fact that she is always so caring in help everyone she comes in contact with! She knows how to get projects/ideas moving and is an always welcomed presence to talk to.

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

Don’t forget to join us for Water Cooler
 Wednesday this afternoon at 2:00pm.

Drop in any time by clicking on the zoom link! Further details listed on the employee calendar.

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