Employee Connections: Mindfulness Monday

Self Care Tip
Talk to friends and family about how you are feeling or thinking.

Quote of the week

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

Shoreline Moments

Look out in tomorrow’s DAAG for the winners of the Employee Engagement/Wellness Bingo!

Positive comments from our Shoreline Students:
-Comments gathered from a survey from e-Learning.

Question: “Knowing that we all will be learning online for the Spring quarter, and that this is not everyone’s first choice, what can you control as an online student? Is there anything Shoreline can do to make online learning more effective for you? If so, what?”

· As a student, the best thing that I can do is remain hardworking as a student, be engaged, and communicate with my professors as needed. I think Shoreline is doing a great job so far and appreciate the quick and smooth transition to online learning.

· As a student, you can usually control where you study, when you study and the distractions around you. I am fully set up and prepared for online classes, that is why I actually chose Shoreline CC in the place was because of the amount of online classes offered for my degree. I really appreciate the Office 365 and laptop loaner programs for students who need them, this should make their learning more effective.

· As a student  taking online classes I can control my environment. I can do this by tailoring my study area to my needs and what helps keep me motivated and focused. I have been taking exclusively online classes and I feel that Shoreline’s online classes are overall very well done and very effective for me personally.

· As an online student I can always try to maintain a good attitude and I can focus on being attentive. Shoreline has already made online learning far more effective for me by providing the necessary resources, especially details on how to use canvas.

· As an online student I can control how I manage my learning time and course work. I can control the environment (for the most part) in which I choose to study. Shoreline has helped make online learning more effective by offering this online orientation and by providing a laptop for me to be able to do online learning.

· As an online student I can control how I react to my situation, such as keeping a positive attitude, reaching out for help, tackling my to-do list tasks one at a time. Shoreline CC has done a great job so far with online learning, I can’t think of anything other than, keep up the good work!

As an online student I can control my attitude and outlook for this quarter. I can also sort of control the pace as in when in the day I want to do my work unless otherwise given a specific time. Shoreline making this training and giving me tips has already done so much I think our school is doing very well given the circumstances.

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