Web changes: Intranet, Current Students, Academic Calendar, Apply & Aid, and a Brand New Home Page!

Dear Shoreline Community,

We’re really excited to announce some big changes to the website that will be implemented over the next few weeks and throughout the summer.

Here’s a run-down:

1. Intranet

What’s changing: The intranet will now be responsive (work on mobile devices) and use the colors, fonts, and styles of the main site (www.shoreline.edu).

The content of the intranet will remain the same.

Purpose of changes: The current version of the intranet does not meet the minimum requirements for accessibility. Additionally, it is not responsive (usable on mobile devices), which can be a major issue for those who are primarily working on a tablet or accessing content on a mobile device.

When: The new intranet will be launched on Fri., June 26th.

How this will impact your work:
During the testing period (Wed., June 24th and Thurs., June 25th) we will only be able to update documents on the intranet. Send any updates to websupport@shoreline.edu.

If you think you’ll need other content changes done on those days, please contact websupport@shoreline.edu ASAP to discuss. In absolute emergencies, we can make other updates.

See before & after screenshots

2. Current Students Page

What’s changing: The design, layout, and organization of the content will be updated to meet student needs. We’ve added additional quick links at the top of the page, surfaced the upcoming academic calendar dates, and reorganized the resources to be more intuitive for students. All of these changes were informed by comprehensive user research including interviews with students and web data analysis.

Purpose of changes: Help enrolled students access the information and resources they most need in one place.

When: It’s best to change this page in between quarters, so we’ll be launching the new version on Thurs., June 25th.

Preview the changes before they happen

3. Academic Calendar / Important Dates

What’s changing: The Important Dates PDF file will no longer be posted to the main website. Going forward, Enrollment Services and C&M will focus our efforts on the digital version of the academic calendar, which allows us to more efficiently manage the information on the site. More importantly, the digital version of the academic calendar is more accessible and accurate.

Purpose of changes: In addition to the PDF being inaccessible, it has become more important to have one centralized “true source” of these critical dates on our website. Through user research and student surveys, we found that students are often confused about where to go for the most accurate and up-to-date academic dates. Additionally, technical issues can result in users downloading old copies of the PDF even after we’ve updated the file with new information. This puts a lot of students at risk of missing critical deadlines.

When: As with most changes, it’s best to do these things in between quarters. We’ll be removing the PDF before the start of the summer quarter.

Learn more about this change

4. Apply & Aid redesign

What’s changing: Content, layout, design, navigation, and page titles.

The following sections of the site will be impacted by this change:

Funding & Aid
Financial Aid
New Student Checklist
Apply & Aid landing page

Purpose of the changes: Make it easier for students to navigate the enrollment process.

When: Sometime in the 4th week of summer quarter.

Training: We’ll offer a training session to review the changes as well as a video recording of the training for those who can’t attend. Please stay tuned for more information.

Preview the changes before they happen

5. Home Page & Main Navigation

What’s changing: We’re redesigning the entire home page and main navigation. This will include new design features, fresh content, and improved menu options that will help all users be welcomed into our site and find the content they need more easily.

When: End of July – Early August

We’ll preview the changes as we get closer to finalizing the designs sometime in mid-July.

Thank you,
Communications & Marketing


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