Check out this week’s new waves of gratitude submissions

• A wave of gratitude to Tom Genest! Tom is open to new ideas, willing to help students in any way he can, and supportive of his colleagues across campus. He is a great advocate and ally to have whenever we are thinking about ways to improve Shoreline for staff, faculty, and students. Thanks for all your hard work year-round, Tom!

• A wave of gratitude from Cory Anthony to Ulrike Lopez!

I’d like to thank Ulrike Lopez for the tremendous work she does mostly behind the scenes to process our travel paperwork and everything else she does to support the college. This place would grind to a halt without her!

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Burroughs to Randy Gottfried!
 Ocean waves of gratitude to Randy for making nursing graduation flawless and special on Zoom! He is the ultimate professional and techno-expert. Randy always goes above and beyond!

• A wave of gratitude to Anne Falk!
 Anne has consistently been patient and kind towards others. At the Foundation she is always willing to help even if it does not pertain to her role, and she does it happily. Anne always works with integrity and has shown how much she really cares about the core purpose of our Foundation; to help students in great need!

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

Don’t forget to join us for Water Cooler Wednesday this afternoon at 2:00pm. Drop in any time by clicking on the zoom link! Further details listed on the employee calendar.

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