Employee Connections: Mindfulness Monday

Self Care Tip
· Lighting a candle, buying some fresh flowers, or a plant can bring calm to a room.

Wave of Gratitude

· A wave of gratitude from Amy Rovner to Pilar Corder! Pilar has done a fantastic job creating employee engagement activities that are interesting, fun, and uplifting. Since our move to remote work, she has continued to come up with great ideas to keep us feeling like we belong to a community! THANK YOU PILAR for all of your work for Shoreline! We will miss you!!!

Shoreline Moments

Look out in tomorrow’s DAAG for the winners of the Employee Engagement/Wellness Bingo!

Positive comments from our Shoreline Students:
-Comments gathered from a survey from e-Learning.

Question: “Knowing that we all will be learning online for the Spring quarter, and that this is not everyone’s first choice, what can you control as an online student? Is there anything Shoreline can do to make online learning more effective for you? If so, what?”

· As an online student I can control my study habits and experience. I have the convenience of being able to control my schedule when it comes to classes with an exception of due dates and video call requirements. I think Shoreline is doing great in preparation for online learning for students.

· As an online student I can control my surroundings. I actually prefer online classes and signed up for classes that are online year round because I learn better this way. As far as online learning being more effective I have been getting allot of support from the staff as a new student and I really appreciate that. If the instructors are anything like the advisers and others that have reached out to me than I should have very little issues at Shoreline.

· As an online student I can control my work time, sleep time, and overall my schedule. It’s very important to manage my time so I can succeed in the class. Â And of course our sleeping time should be consistent so we have energy to work, study and learn. Actually, I love how Shoreline makes an online learning easier. I found it very helpful for myself to use the tips that were provided to us such as creating balance in our lives, and managing our “to-do” lists. Thank you so much!

· As an online student I can control the way I learn with good time management, the environment I choose for my learning space, staying active, positive, and alert. My expectations of Shoreline community college has been exceeded. The lay out of this training, the advice and resources provided are blowing my mind. I appreciate how prepared you all were to keep everyone in mind and help us all become successful students for this Spring quarter.

· As an online student I can control, to some degree, the pace at which I learn everything. I have found with my past experience, that if I do a few hours of schooling everyday it is a much more manageable pace to retain the class information. I think Shoreline is doing everything they can to make online learning effective for everyone, this prep week is very helpful.

· As an online student I can use the tips and tools as mentioned in previous pages. Making a to do list and planning what needs to be done has always worked for me outside of school. Any down time I have can be spent working a head easily because I know what needs to be done. I think Shoreline has done a great job of giving students a course on what’s to expect as an online student. Definitely a good tool to becoming successful especially those unfamiliar.

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