Message from President Roberts: Update on rule regarding international students taking online classes 

Dear Colleague, 

Since sharing my July 10th message about new federal plans to prevent international students taking online courses from remaining in the United States, the College has been in communication with elected officials, professional organizations, and other colleges and universities to advocate on behalf of our students.  

Thankfully today, the Administration rescinded this rule, after facing lawsuits and criticism from a host of states, universities, and organizations. 

Thanks to the support of Vice President Phillip King, Executive Director of International Education Samira Pardanani, and the entire International Education department earlier this week, the College provided information to Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson, in preparation for his filing of a temporary restraining order to stop the rule change. I also signed on to the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration Amicus Brief in support of rescinding the rule change. 

While this cruel rule change should have never been considered, I am so thankful to every voice raised in opposition and every action taken so quickly to dismantle this policy.  

Shoreline Community College will always be a place that stands for inclusion and student supportThroughout this stressful time, our International Education department has continued to communicate with our international students to make sure they are receiving appropriate care and resources, and to make sure they know they are always welcome here at Shoreline. 

In support, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


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