Organizational Changes in the Offices of the President, Student Learning, and Students, Equity & Success, and eLearning

Dear Colleague,

I am writing today to inform you about some shifts in reporting and further organizational realignment beginning August 10, 2020. 

As a part of the 2019-20 academic year planning and budget review, the College conducted department assessments and identified cost efficiencies reflected in these changes. Through this process, we identified an imbalance of FTEs across some academic divisions. In certain cases, some deans had double the amount of FTE, students, and staff than others. In the spring, the Department of Communication Studies and Department of Business transitioned to the Social Sciences Division, which resulted in cost savings. 

Here is a list of the additional organizational changes that will further rebalance our division structure(s):

Office of Students, Equity & Success (SES) Changes 

  • Tutoring Services will transition from SES to Student Learning.
  • The Physical Education Department (PE) will be welcomed to the area of Athletics, Intramurals, Health & Wellness. PE faculty will report to Steve Eskridge, who reports to Vice President Marisa Herrera, Ed.D. 
  • Enrollment Services will add the position of Assistant Registrar (50% FTE) and Stephanie Baker will assume this role, reporting to Acting Dean for Access and Advising Lisa Malik, PhD. Stephanie will also support the transition to ctcLink under the dotted-line supervision of Joe Chiappa, Organizational Change & Project Manager.
  • Tigist Stangohr will serve as Acting Director of Financial Aid while we search for a permanent Financial Aid Director, and she will report to Derek Levy, Dean for Student Support & Success. 

 Office of Student Learning Changes 

  • As mentioned above, Tutoring Services will move to Student Learning, under the leadership of the Acting Associate Dean of the Library Leslie Potter-Henderson.  
  • Leslie’s title will shift to Acting Associate Dean of the Library & Learning Resources, as she now leads the library and tutoring services, and will also coordinate professional development work for faculty, in cooperation with the associate deans from the academic divisions.  
  • Cheryl Allendoerfer, Manager of Tutoring Services, will report to Leslie Potter-Henderson.  

  eLearning Changes 

  • The area of eLearning will become the Learning Resources & Continuing Education Division, under the leadership of Ann Garnsey-Harter, PhD, whose title will become Executive Director of Learning Resources & Continuing Education.  
  • This area will encompass Classroom Support, Continuing Education, eLearning, Library, Tutoring Services, Faculty Professional Development, and Events & Rentals.

 Office of the President Changes 

  • Technology Support Services and ctcLink, which previously reported to Ann Garnsey-Harter, will move to the Office of the President. (Thank you, Ann, for taking on the responsibility of managing these departments for the last year.)
  • Gavin Smith, Acting Director of Technology Support Services, will now report to me.
  • Shoreline’s ctcLink project and Organizational Change & Project Manager Joe Chiappa will now report to Gavin Smith. 

 I want to thank all involved in these changes for their support as we organize work in ways that support our students and their learning.


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