Message from President Roberts: DACA updates announced

Dear Colleague,  

On July 28, the Department of Homeland Security announced updates to the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program to:

  • Reject all initial DACA and Employment Authorization applications.

  • Reject new and pending requests for advanced parole that do not have exceptional circumstances.

  • Decrease the period of renewed deferred action from two years to one year. 

These changes are confusing and discouraging news for our studentsespecially for our mixed-status and immigrant families here at Shoreline, just before the start of the school year. 

What we understand from colleagues working in advocacy and immigration law is that while there is no short-term benefit to applying for DACAlegal action and classaction lawsuits are being initiated by several national organizations, law firms, and associations for students who were in the process of applyingSome Shoreline students who either intended to apply or who have applied and been rejected may wish to pursue legal action and be included in one of these class-action lawsuits. 

I have been vocal previously about my support for efforts to protect our HB 1079 and undocumented students and my resolve in this area remains steadfast. I encourage all of our students and employees who have DACA to remain hopeful and consider putting their energy toward advocacy and action, which they can engage in through local organizations. Any student concerned about their situation is encouraged to seek legal counsel with an attorney experienced in immigrationrelated matters and concerns as soon as possible. 

Depending on the outcome, it’s possible that an action such as this may preserve an applicant’s eligibility to obtain DACA in the future, even if this administration makes future efforts to dismantle the program again. While DACA is far from a permanent solution for our students, there are still many benefits to those who are DACAmented” individuals at our College, particularly those eligible for the Washington State Dream Act and HB 1079, which provides access to state financial aid and instate tuition. We will continue to monitor how things play out nationally and work closely with our Assistant Attorney General to continue to stay apprised of the issue.  

These are complicated and emotionally taxing issues for our students and employees, so please consider consulting with a College resource if you are looking for guidance on how to support your students or employees:

  • Dr. Marisa Herrera can provide referrals to community resources that support the undocumented community with free or significantly reduced cost services (  

  • Veronica Zura can provide resources to employees who may consider using EAP counseling and legal resources during this time ( 

  • For students who may be struggling with this news, please refer them to the Counseling Center or you may reach out to the Care Team on a student’s behalf. 

Thank you for your continued care and compassion for our students and colleagues during these troubling times. 


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


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