New Waves of Gratitude submissions

A Wave of Gratitude to Randy Gottfried from Mary Burroughs for community engagement:

“Ocean waves of gratitude to Randy for making nursing graduation flawless and special on Zoom! He is the ultimate professional and techno-expert. Randy always goes above and beyond!”

A Wave of Gratitude to Pilar Codar from Amy Rovner for Inclusive Excellence and Respect Community Engagement and Other:

“Her overall enthusiasm, positive attitude, friendliness and overall awesomeness! Pilar has done a fantastic job creating employee engagement activities that are interesting, fun and uplifting. Since our move to remote work, she has continued to come up with great ideas to keep us feeling like we belong to a community! THANK YOU PILAR for all of your work for Shoreline! We will miss you!!!”

A Wave of Gratitude for Pilar Codar from Laura Drake for Inclusive Excellence and Respect, Community Engagement and Other:

Approachability, expertise, follow-through, creativity, and all-around outstanding leadership. “Ever since I first reached out to her with a question about New Employee Orientation (shout out to NEO Cohort 6), Pilar has been the best! She is a brilliant problem-solver, with the ability to share ideas and explain new concepts using crystal clarity. When we all had to shift to working from home, she was my go-to guru for help with Teams, Zoom, and SharePoint. Any time I’ve made mistakes she’s always extraordinarily kind and patient. I respect her commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, her dazzling depth of knowledge, as well as her tremendous efforts at employee engagement. Some of my favorite memories as a new Shoreline employee come from events she created or coordinated. She’s just a joy to work with – incredibly creative and fun. I wish I’d had the opportunity to work with her more over the past year. I can only say thank you, Pilar, from the bottom of my heart, for all you’ve done for me and this entire campus. I hope you know how amazing you are.”

A Wave of Gratitude for Student Equity and Success from Lucy Casale for Inclusive Excellence, Respect, Student Engagement and Community Engagement:

”I would like to thank everyone of my colleagues in Student Equity and Success for an amazing 8 month experience at Shoreline College. I am honored to have worked with a group of truly inclusive and respectful individuals, who are committed to serving students and ensuring that the Shoreline experience is the best it can be. Collectively, they put the “community” in community college. I am hopeful that our paths will someday cross again.”

A Wave of Gratitude for Jennifer Fenske and team from Danica Totten for student engagement:

“A BIG Thank You to Jennifer Fenske and Team (Raisa Minchuk in particular) for processing over 190 student reimbursements for Honorlock! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

A Wave of Gratitude for Kim Streizt from Danica Totten for student engagement:

“Kim Streitz, thank you for lending a helping hand when Honorlock reimbursement checks were returned to the College due to an outdated address. You were gracious in your investment of time as you tracked down students so they could get their money.”

A Wave of Gratitude for the Custodial Department from Emiliano Gamboa:

“Custodian Department at the College is the MVP at the College. I’ve been on Campus the whole time during the closure and I’ve watched them do their job tremendously. I’ve seen them in common areas and not so common areas you’d never think needing to be cleaned taking care of business. I commend the Custodian crew for doing an outstanding job keeping this Campus clean.”

**Submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues.**

-The Recognition Committee

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