Foss Bldg 5000 – Roof Mansard Replacement Notice to Faculty and Staff

Project: This 5000 Foss Building project replaces the original multi-colored mansard roof tiles with a new material that matches the other new mansard roofs on campus.  Some cleaning and roof repair is also part of the scope.

The original mansard tiles were made of a concrete with asbestos as an ingredient, so the removal process will adhere to all OSHA, EPA, and Clear Air Agency requirements.  Before they leave the roof, these tiles will be double-bagged, sealed, and put on a pallet.  The pallet will be forklifted off the roof and directly onto the truck hauls it away. 

Demolition and removal of roof tile: 10/13/20 – 10/31/20
-Installation of new mansard roof: 10/2/20 – end of December 2020
Local Impact: Minimal.  No impact on Foss building entrances.  Construction vehicles will park in the parking lot.  Contractor’s work area does not impact footpaths or pedestrian traffic.

Logistics Plan:

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