Please tell your students about Student Life’s Leadership Certificate series

This fall, Shoreline’s Student Life program kicked off a new Leadership Certificate Series aimed at preparing students to be more informed and engaged individuals, leaders, and citizens. Any student who participates in three of the fall quarter 2020 workshops will earn a Leadership Certificate they can put on their resume. Read more about the series on the College’s news blog.

The kickoff event happened on Oct. 1, with 15 students in attendance! There are still four events students can join. The series schedule is:

Civic Engagement Workshop 10/15
With support form the League of Women Voters, this non-partisan workshop will discuss the importance of staying civically engaged in community, state, and government politics. 

Identity Development Workshop 10/29
Students who attend this workshop will learn about their individual and intersecting identities and how they impact their perspectives, relationships, and experiences. 

Problem Solving Workshop 11/12
Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are incredibly valuable in our personal and professional lives. This event will give students an opportunity to hone those skills in a fun online format. 

Community Service Workshop 12/3
In the midst of all that is happening, it is more important than ever for us to think about how we can give back to our greater community. During this workshop, students will have an opportunity to give their time and energy to a community service project that will benefit a local non-profit organization. 

Students can learn more on Student Life’s Facebook page or by contacting Sundi Musnicki at

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