Distance Learning Week Tip Two

The Educause Center for Analysis and Research surveyed students early this year, both pre- and post- Covid Pandemic, click here for the full article. 

We will bring you an issue and some tips to help each day this week.  Here is the second one:

Students state that they love technology in the classroom, however, they also state that faculty are not teaching students how to use this technology outside of the classroom. When it comes to transparency in design, a good practice is to add how the assignments, quizzes, and materials relate to their lives outside the classroom. 

Students tend to “buy-into” material that relates to them.  Having a section on your assignments that describes the purpose of the assignment is a great place to show how it relates to them. A transparent purpose statement has these three components:

  • Knowledge gained in completing the discussion
  • Skills practiced in completing the discussion
  • Relevance to student’s work and life now and in five years
  • Here is a link to an example of an assignment in the eLearning Resources for Faculty course.  
  • We created various examples for discussion posts, quizzes, assignments, syllbus, etc. focusing on transparency in design.  

Check back tomorrow for a different issue and some tips.  If you need help with some ideas, please contact us at eLearning@shoreline.edu 

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