Distance Learning Week Tip Three

For our third tip this week, we here at eLearning want to let you know that there are some new features in Canvas.  

There are some helpful new features in Canvas such as Search, a new rich content editor, the ability to (finally!) print a class roster, Copy to/Move to option, Course level control of Notifications, and High Contrast Mode are now available.

  • There is a new Search Bar in Canvas that allows you to search each individual course for pages, assignments, quizzes, classroom materials, etc.  This new feature is now in the Navigation toolbar and had been put into each course.  If you do not see it, you will need to edit your navigation toolbar to allow yourself and students to use this feature. You can read more about it in the eLearning Resources for Faculty Canvas shell.
  • There is New Rich Content Editor, with a more refined layout so you can edit content in quizzes, announcements, syllabi, Pages, etc. You can opt-in to use it now if you like in your course Feature Options.  It’s going live across Canvas on Wednesday, December 16.
  • You can now print your class roster from Canvas New Analytics! Here’s how:
  1. While in your course, click Home on your Navigation menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Click New Analytics on the right-hand side.
  3. Click Reports and then click Run Report on the Class Roster option. 
  • We now have the option to Copy to/Move to Pages, Assignments, Quizzes, and whole modules from one course to the other.  This is a huge timesaver – no more importing, selecting content, etc. It’s just a few clicks and you can even be specific about which module you want items to land. Also makes it super easy to share content with colleagues.
  • You can now manage notifications for a single course on the Course Notification Settings page. Course notification settings only apply to the course in which they are set. This is so helpful if you have been added to courses as Observers, etc. and you don’t need to receive every single notification the faculty sends to students. A great way to reduce your volume of email!  (To receive course notifications, you must first set your Canvas notification preferences).
  • The high contrast user interface (UI) enhances the color contrast of text, buttons, and other elements so they are more distinct and easier to identify in Canvas. High contrast UI can be enabled from the feature options in your User Settings.

Check back tomorrow for a different issue and some tips.  If you need help with some ideas, please contact us at eLearning@shoreline.edu


  1. These are super helpful! Thank you.

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