Distance Learning Week Tip Four

The Educause Center for Analysis and Research surveyed students early this year, both pre- and post- Covid Pandemic, click here for the full article.

We will bring you an issue and some tips to help each day this week.  Here is the fourth and last one: 

Did you know that 1/2 of all students do not report their disabilities?  And that 1/3 of students who have accommodations feel like they do not have a positive experience with their school’s way of handling accommodations?  Here are some suggestions to build your course with these numbers in mind.

  • Attend one of our Quality Course Design Institutes.  We will teach you backwards design, accessibility, RSI, transparency in design, and many other things.  Our next course will be in Winter of 2021 (January 21st – February 28th). You can earn up to $500 for completing the institute for the first time.
  • We want to celebrate all the past attendees who have completed the certification process here at Shoreline.  Click here to see who has certified their courses.

I hope you liked our tips this year.  If you would like other kinds of tips or help with some ideas, please contact us at eLearning@shoreline.edu

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