Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Amy Kinsel for inclusive excellence. The curriculum Amy has put together to ensure SCC becomes an inclusive, equitable, forward thinking campus is invaluable and will stand the test of time. I appreciate her efforts greatly! David Isaac

Waves of Gratitude to Amy Rovner for inclusive excellence. Thank you, Amy, for helping with the alternative proctoring solution for students who have accessibility issues. The process involves so many pieces but you are so good at everything! And the step-by-step info sheets you have worked on from scratch are going to be very helpful. This can’t be done without your help! Linda Du

Waves of Gratitude for Brandon Fryman for inclusive excellence, respect, and community engagement. Brandon put together a great set of informational posts and tips for DAAG and a wonderful webinar in Regular and Substantive Interaction for faculty. Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Zoe Swanson. Zoe is incredible. She is always very responsive and so knowledgeable about financial aid. She just stepped into her new role liaising with Financial Aid and Workforce. Every time I have a question about a students’ Financial Aid status, she kindly looks into the situation and effectively tells me what this student needs to do with financial aid. I am grateful to have a team member like her! Jenna Durney Schlein

Waves of Gratitude to Stephanie Baker for inclusive excellence, respect and student engagement. Stephanie is a rock star! She is juggling her new Assistant Registrar duties with her ctcLink ones with grace. I don’t know how she does it but she is always positive, enthusiastic and caring. She looks out for what will help our students succeed. Anonymous

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