Announcing “Shoreline Shout-Outs” to Recognize Campus Teams

Shoreline Shout-outs are a new way to recognize departments or teams for their excellent work, projects, and accomplishments. This is separate and distinct from Waves of Gratitude, which are for recognizing work or achievements of an individual. Shoreline Shout-outs is for departments or teams and can be a way for team members to “shout-out” their team’s or another team’s accomplishments. This is one way for the whole campus to celebrate milestones for developments that may have otherwise only been known by the people in a specific division.

Has your department or another you’ve noticed been recognized for excellence in their field by the media, community or industry organizations? Shout that out. Has your division received or been awarded a new piece of equipment that will help Shoreline students better prepare for the workforce? Shout that out. What news can you share with the campus community that will add to their sense of pride in our institution and mission? Like Waves of Gratitude, Shoreline Shout-outs uses a submission form that is compiled by the Employee Recognition Committee and will be published thru Day at a Glance. Please join us in helping to recognize excellent teamwork that may otherwise go unnoticed campus-wide.

Submit a Shoreline Shout-Out.

— Employee Recognition Committee

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