A Warm Welcome to our New Director of Financial Services Alyshia Josleyn

I am pleased to announce that Alyshia Josleyn has accepted the position of Director of Financial Services, effective Monday, May 3rd reporting to me, Dawn Beck, Vice President for Business & Administrative Services.
Alyshia will be responsible for administration of the College’s Financial Services department that was left vacant by Jennifer Fenske in March. This is a direct appointment to a pivotal role in the College which was made more urgent by the implementation of ctcLink. This decision was made to support the employees and needs of students interacting with these critical financial services.

Alyshia will be located in Room 5201 and can be reached at (206) 546-4533 or at ajosleyn@shoreline.edu.
Please join me in welcoming Alyshia to the Shoreline Community College Financial Services Department.

Thank you,

Dawn Beck, CPA
VP for Business and Administrative Services


  1. I would be interested in knowing this new employee’s qualifications.

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