Help Make a Commencement Video for Our Grads: Submit a Clip by May 28


As we near closer to Commencement on June 19, the Commencement Committee will send out several invitations to you to participate in different aspects of either our virtual ceremony or drive-thru celebration. 

Today’s invitation is to either record a brief (30 seconds or less) video to graduates or encourage a fellow faculty/staff member to do so. These messages can include words of wisdom, advice, or well-wishing. Our fantastic Rob Berg will then compile your submissions into a short and sweet video featured in our virtual ceremony. (If you’d like a frame of reference or some inspiration, we encourage you to view this message to students which was crafted last May.)

If this sounds right up your alley, please read the following instructions carefully, and submit your video by Friday, May 28th

  • Using your phone or laptop, record your brief message to students. Frame your face so there is what appears to be 1” of space between the top of your head and the border of the frame. Face your light source, so that you are brighter than your background. Please take steps to reduce background noise. Don’t worry about editing out flubs or restarts, Rob can do that quickly.

Please submit all videos via DropBox (note: an earlier version of this email included a different method of submission. Please disregard that). You can email me at with any questions. We appreciate you and your enduring support of all students on our campus!


Alexander Mitu

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