Attend the Honors College Research Track Student Presentations on June 1

Support our Honors Research Track students who have investigated a “Big Question” over the course of this last year by viewing their research presentations on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Join us on Zoom at

Presentation: From Madame de Pompadour to Jeffrey Epstein: the Diversion of Blame to Preserve
Name: Brandie Absher
Mentor: Terry Taylor, History
Co-Mentor: Davis Oldham, English

Presentation: The Younger Dryas and the Neolithic Revolution
Name: Ethan Broom
Mentor: Rachel Lee, Anthropology

Presentation: Violence Over Safety: An Examination of Public Safety Through Policing in the United States
Name: Ariana Dapra
Mentor: Brooke Zimmers, Communication Studies

Presentation: Decolonizing Environmentalism: An Overview of Environmental Racism and Conservation Rhetoric
Name: Sunshine Cheng
Mentor: Matthew Loper, Biology & Environmental Science

Presentation: Chernobyl’s Forest Fires: An Examination of the Fires that Continue to Spread Harmful Radioactivity
Name: Michael Foster
Mentor: Matthew Loper, Biology & Environmental Science

Presentation: How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Hearing Aids: Sound Personalization, Noise Cancellation, and Speech Enhancement
Name: Jiyeon Kim
Mentor: Katelin Lewellen, Computer Science

Presentation: How the Freemium Game Model is Designed to Profit
Name: Rachel Lough
Mentor: Don Christensen, Psychology

Presentation: The Evolution of Childhood
Name: Nat Mortimer-Montoure
Mentor: Terry Taylor, History

Presentation: Born Under Surveillance: Extending Surveillance Capitalism to the Privacy of Children Online
Name: Thee Rongkawilit
Mentor: David Oldham, English

Presentation: A Foolproof Strategy: The Use of Non-Violence to Advance Social Justice Issues in the U.S.
Name: Mashaal Shameem
Mentor: Davis Oldham, English

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