Congrats to Faculty “Graduates” from eLearning’s Hybrid & Online Institute

This past academic year, a number of faculty have immersed themselves in professional development activities to enhance their online and hybrid classes. A special congratulations to the faculty listed below on completing eLearning’s Hybrid & Online Course Development Institute! 

2020-2021 Institute Graduates:

  • Shannon Flynn
  • Hellen Kailiti
  • Zach Mazur
  • Mollie Sharp
  • Sheryl Rasmussen
  • Robin Hills
  • Rachel Lee
  • Timothy Payne
  • Mario Rossi
  • Andy Williams
  • Amber Avery
  • Brook Bower
  • Samrita Dungel
  • Jihyun Nam
  • Romina Plozza
  • Annamaria Winters

The Institute returns for a Summer session beginning Friday, July 9. Early enrollment is open!

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