Upcoming Organizational Changes

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to share several upcoming staffing changes at Shoreline Community College. As announced in the May 28, 2021 Board of Trustees meetings, I have been named as the Acting President beginning July 1, 2021. I will remain in this role until an Interim President is selected, at which time I will return to my position as Vice President for Student Learning, Equity & Success (VP-SLES).

In order to assist in this temporary transition in leadership, a number of staff changes have been identified to ensure ongoing support of the College’s goals. These changes will be made on (or close to) July 1, 2021 as outlined below.  

  • Samira Pardanani will permanently shift to Associate Vice President for Student Services & International Education. Ms. Pardanani’s education and experience make her an ideal fit for this student services position. She has a strong background in general student services, in ESL instruction, academic and student service management, strategic enrollment management, and international marketing. She has a strong ability in leading high-functioning teams as demonstrated in her work of leading Shoreline’s IE department, considered to be a national leader among community colleges hosting international students. Ms. Pardanani will lead and supervise all areas of the College’s student support services, including supervision of Dean Derek Levy (Student Support Services) and Acting Dean Lisa Malik (Access & Advising). Ms. Pardanani also will make a small set of organizational changes within her international education team to manage her new role. Ms. Pardanani will report to me in my Acting President role and will report to the VP-SLES when I return to that permanent position.
  • Ann Garnsey-Harter will temporarily shift (for one year) to Associate Vice President for Academic Operations & Learning Resources. This temporary position has been created to support the significant administrative work necessary in the coming year to support a return to on-campus instruction and services. Dr. Garnsey-Harter consistently has demonstrated her capacity for major strategic and organizational planning that will be required for the College to navigate the complexity of our return. Behind Dr. Garnsey-Harter, Amy Rovner will step into the role of Acting Director of eLearning for one year. During 2021-22, Dr. Garnsey-Harter’s direct report areas will include the Associate Dean of the Library & Learning Resources, the Acting Director of eLearning, the Director of Classroom Support Services, Continuing Education and Rentals, and all academic operations. Dr. Garnsey-Harter will report to me in my Acting President role and will report to the VP-SLES when I return to my permanent role.
  • Guy Hamilton will temporarily assume the role of Acting Vice President for Student Learning. Dr. Hamilton has taken this role on in the past, and has significant experience in instructional management, contract management, facilities, and operations. He will remain in that position until an Interim President is selected and I return to my role as VP-SLES. Behind Dr. Hamilton, Crystal Hess will step into the role of Acting Executive Dean of STEM and Workforce until Dr. Hamilton returns to his Executive Dean role.  

Acting Associate VP Garnsey-Harter, Acting VP Hamilton, and Associate VP Pardanani also will become members of Executive Team. All three individuals have continued to demonstrate deep commitment to Shoreline by stepping in to assume leadership roles when needed and have been at the College for many years. The full Executive Team will include Dawn Beck, Ann Garnsey-Harter, Guy Hamilton, Phillip King , Martha Lynn, Samira Pardanani, Gavin Smith, and Veronica Zura. 

Financial implications from these position changes will be paid for within salary savings from existing transitions. These changes will not cost more, or add to the general fund budget, for the College. 

There may be additional smaller changes as we navigate other transitions of staff (resignations and/or retirements).  We will keep the College abreast as those changes occur. Additionally, we will update the College’s organizational chart to reflect the above changes.


Phillip J. King

Vice President, Student Learning, Equity & Success

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