Update on Governor’s Higher Education COVID-19 Proclamation

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to update you about Governor Inslee’s newest proclamation regarding COVID-19 and higher education guidance for safe reopening. There were multiple components of this new guidance, but predominately it allows for campuses to choose to be “Vaccinated” or “Non-Vaccinated” Campuses.  Most of the precautions the College put into place on Friday, June 25 for summer quarter are still in place, but the following now apply:

  • If indoors for a class (in a classroom), please continue to wear your mask regardless of your vaccination status.
  • Remain 3 feet (not 6 feet) apart.
  • Use hand sanitizer liberally, as needed. It is provided in each classroom.
  • If outdoors, mask wearing is not needed.
  • The daily health screening is still required for all students.
  • The College will still be required to do contact tracing.

As we are still finalizing our fall reopening plans, the statement about the campus status as Vaccinated vs. Non-Vaccinated will be determined this summer for fall quarter.

In the meantime, as more staff and students are coming to campus now, various administrators will be on campus for support.  To reach the designated on-campus administrator for support with classroom management issues pertaining to COVID protocols, call 206-495-7744 from 8 am-5 pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-Noon Friday.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Phillip J. King

Acting President

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