VP Business & Administrative Services Transition at the College

Dear Shoreline Colleagues,

I am writing to update you about an important upcoming transition for the College. Although Dawn Beck has been with the College for just over a year, she’s made a decision to resign her position due to personal reasons.  VP Beck brought a commonsense approach to fiscal and budget management, made strides to ensure that we are fiscally solvent, and worked with kindness and great generosity to help all staff understanding the work of the entire Business and Administrative (BAS) services team.  She will be with the College through October 1, 2021. 

As the College is already in the midst of a major transition in presidential leadership, it is not an appropriate time to post and recruit for a permanent VP in this role. However, the College does need this position filled and, to that end, we have identified a person to fill the acting role.  Bob Williamson, previous VP for Business & Admin Services at Clark College for 11 years, has accepted the acting position with Shoreline.  Bob has substantial experience in the state of Washington, the community college systems, integration of business services operations at a college — and managing the units of budget, fiscal, facilities, technology, planning, enterprise and auxiliary services, risk management, safety and security, and emergency management. Bob also brings experience ensuring transparency in budgeting in a way that made it accessible to all staff while at Clark College.

While we are disappointed that VP Beck will be leaving the College, we are supportive and understanding of her personal decision.  And we have great confidence that Bob Williamson will continue to provide continuity and support to the College during this major transition year. Bob will begin his role on September 7, 2021 to ensure we provide the opportunity for VP Beck and Mr. Williamson to share information about the systems we use at Shoreline.


Phillip J. King

Acting President

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