Shoreline Reopening Weekly Update

Dear Shoreline Staff, 

As we near the end of week two of the fall quarter, I am sending along our thanks and appreciation for continuing to navigate the COVID space that still has some hold on us. This week’s communication includes COVID updates, and general college announcements and reminders. 

COVID Signage: 

COVID Signage is attached and can be printed and placed within your office area. The College will ensure appropriate signage is posted in all classrooms. Only departments offering Core Services should utilize the attached sign.


A reminder that all in-person students need to complete the vaccination attestation form or request an exemption. Please direct them to this link to complete the form. If students do not complete the attestation by the deadline of October 18th, the student’s account will be flagged for a hold. Such holds will restrict registration of classes and other important student functions.  

Communications & Marketing (C & M): 

The C&M Department has a different look! Crystal Berry will be taking over the Director of Marketing role through June 30, 2022. All communications that were directed to Martha, should now be directed to

One of the first goals Crystal and team have been tasked with is reviewing and auditing communications pathways to better assess and utilize the resources within the college, with the highest consideration given to the end-user (staff, student, etc.). As such she will be reaching out to all of campus.  The current processes for submitting C&M requests will continue stay in place at this time. We will be refining our ticket submission process to ensure your engagement with C&M is more productive and that your needs are met in a timely fashion. We will continue to share all updated process changes as they occur.

Thank you for supporting a healthy and safe campus! 

Phillip J. King

Acting President

Shoreline Community College


Pronouns: He/Him

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