Strengthening Institutional Programs (SIP) Grant and Starfish Updates

As you are aware, the College recently received two competitive Title III Grants, the SIP and the AANAPISI grants. In order to leverage the synergy and alignment between the SIP grant and College’s Guided Pathways efforts, rather than hiring a separate director for the SIP grant, the director of Guided Pathways, Brigid Nulty, will take on the additional responsibility of overseeing the grant. The day-to-day implementation of the grant will be managed by an Associate Director of the SIP Grant, who will report to Director Nulty. The Associate Director position will be fully funded by the SIP grant. 

We have identified Moriah Shistle, the temporary Business Analyst managing the Starfish implementation, as an ideal candidate for the Associate Director position based on her skillset and familiarity with the College and its operations. Ms. Shistle has agreed to take on this role.

An open hiring process will be conducted this Fall for a new Business Analyst, and the role will be funded by the SIP grant moving forward. Until this position is filled, Ms. Shistle will continue to oversee the Starfish project while easing into her Associate Director of SIP duties. We do not anticipate any disruption to the Starfish rollout.

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