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What is the Newsletter for? This newsletter is an effort to keep campus employees informed of the effort, to share stories from projects, and address questions. It is intended to complement our Canvas site, our update reports, and any webinars that we may offer. 

A short version of the newsletter will be posted to DAAG each month. If you would like to be added to the direct email list to get the full version, please contact Brigid directly.

What is Guided Pathways? GP is a framework that community colleges can use as a guide in making broad improvements to how they can more equitably serve students. GP asks us to design for the oft-marginalized or underserved – to make the college experience more welcoming, more transparent, and easier for all students to navigate. It helps us as we engage in complex, multi-faceted work at our college.

GP asks us to consider:  

  • how we bring students into the college (from application through their first quarter),  
  • how we might proactively advise students throughout their time with us, 
  • how we can help students figure out their broader, long-term goals (e.g., careers and jobs, further education) and figure them out earlier in their academic career 
  • how we can help students make an intentionally designed, sequenced academic plan that serves those goals 
  • how we will equitably serve our most vulnerable students in our courses, especially critical gate-keeper or gateway courses, and improve student success
  • how we can help students better understand degree requirements and help students track and reflect upon their learning progress 

What is the actual work? 

How we address the GP questions is up to us, and our efforts are informed by evidence-based practices that have been implemented around the country. At Brigid’s last count, we currently have 25+ projects going on at the college that align to the spirit of Guided Pathways. Some of the projects are funded by dedicated legislative funding specifically for this effort, some are funded by outside grants, and some are just baked into our regular work.  In each newsletter, I will highlight (“Spotlight”) one or more of the projects

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