Day 1: Common Access Questions in ctcLink

Hi Everyone,

We are off and running with ctcLink!  We have already gotten some very good questions thus far and wanted to share the most common in case you or anyone on your team have questions after you activate your account…

If you missed the popup box that contained your new ctclink ID during the account activation, but the system says your account is activated, you can use our ctcLink ID look up tool to look it up using your old SID.

My profile details are wrong / missing. What should I do?

You can review and update your personal information using the Personal Details tile in Employee Self Service. This includes information such as:

  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Preferred Name

**Please ensure your Emergency Contact information is correct**

I work for multiple colleges. Why can’t I see Shoreline info?

This is a common issue for folks who have already set up their preferences with another college.

Campus Solution users can set up their Shoreline preferences using these User Defaults instructions:

I’ve clicked on the HCM tab, but I don’t see my Time Tile. What do I do?

Please use Live Chat and the Drop-in Zoom sessions to discuss with our support team. They may ask you to submit a ticket via

Permissions – Dude, where’s my screen?

Please troubleshoot your access issues:
Talk to co-workers to compare access
Check out articles in Technical Support Center
Use Live Chat and Drop-in Zoom sessions

Once confirmed missing access to screens/tasks in ctcLink
Please work with your supervisor and ask them to submit a request via Security Change Request Form.  Include as much info as possible including Navigation path and other info discovered in troubleshooting such as coworker with access

If you still have questions, please…

Contact Technical Support at Use the chat feature to get real-time support.

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