SCC : Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Janel Middleton of Enrollment Services for Dedication! Janel has worked many overtime hours in evenings and weekends to handle the immense workflow currently in Enrollment Services. That department is always busy, and the ctc transition has added a lot of work. And she is still smiling when I see her. I am so grateful to her and others working so hard on behalf of our students and the college. Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Brandon Fryman of Elearning for Inclusive Excellence, Respect, Community Engagement and DEI. I have so many questions regarding ctcLink and Canvas like grades, time off, contracts, and don’t get me started on Canvas. I always have questions and go to Brandon for help. He is always there and if he doesn’t know the answer, he goes and finds it and then helps. As a new instructor, he has taught me so much about DEI in the classroom. I cannot thank him enough. Anonymous

As a reminder, for those wishing to acknowledge the work of fellow shoreline staff members or a group at Shoreline, you need only submit a Waves of Gratitude form for individuals or a Shoreline Shoutout for groups.  Thank you from the Employee Recognition Committee – Rob, Wanda, and Megan.

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