Working Together Towards an Antiracist Washington CTC System

Dear Shoreline College Community:

I am writing to you with a very important update regarding a statewide event supporting antiracism in the SBCTC system. The event registration is available now and the College is encouraging staff who have an interest to attend this event.  This will be a virtual event held on April 21 and 22, 2022.

A small primer on the event included the following:

This conference is geared toward white-identifying folks with European ancestry and people who benefit from white privilege. We invite faculty, staff, administrators, and other professionals who want to evolve in our journey towards being anti-racist and work to collaboratively dismantle systemic racism at our colleges and universities, our CTC system, and our communities.

Alexander Mitu, in the office of student learning, equity, and success, can assist any staff person with registration and payment.  Please contact Alex if you have an interest in attending this event.

Thank you for your interest and support of creating a coalition of white people committed to making systemic change in our Washington State community and technical college system.


Steve Hanson

Interim President

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