SCC : Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Janel Middleton of Enrollment Services for her dedication to staff and students.  Janel has been a rock star! She stayed very late one night to assist a manufacturing instructor submit grades. Way out of normal working hours. Her kindness and dedication to support us has been extremely helpful and appreciated. Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Officer Banik of Safety and Security for respect and Internal Customer service. Officer Banik hand delivered the parking passes I needed and had forgotten to request. Safety and Security always shows me the best internal customer service and I am grateful to have them on campus. Wanda Waldrop Manufacturing

Waves of Gratitude for Jenna Durney Schlein of Workforce for Inclusive Excellence, Respect, and Student Engagement. Jenna not only makes sure that all her existing students get their funds on time. But she reaches out to potential students to see how she can help. She makes an effort to include students in decisions and is willing to take the time to make sure students understand their rights and responsibilities. Jenna is willing to go above and beyond to make sure that all students can get the funding they need to go to school. Anonymous

Waves Of Gratitude for Alyshia Joselyn Director of Financial Services, Gavin Smith Acting Director of Technology Services, and Veronica Zura Executive Director for Human Resources for Inclusive Excellence. CEP had an accreditation survey review and appreciated the assistance of Alyshia Joselyn, Gavin Smith and Veronica Zura. There is a lot happening on our campus and I appreciated their time to answer questions from the surveyor. CEP did well with our accreditation review. Thank you, thank you! Sue Anne Lemkin of Student Support Programs.

As a reminder, for those wishing to acknowledge the work of fellow shoreline staff members or a group at Shoreline, you need only submit a Waves of Gratitude form for individuals or a Shoreline Shoutout for groups.  Thank you from the Employee Recognition Committee – Rob, Wanda, and Megan.

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