What is the Accessibility Advisory Committee? AAC’s April 2022 Update

This year, the members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) would like to continue its goal of disability awareness and allow the campus community to get to know this long-standing College Committee. 

As an advisory committee within the participatory governance system, the purpose of the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) is to sustain and advance the College’s commitment to accessible physical, instructional, and technological environments, and the related climate for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. The committee serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement to ensure equitable and effective access for persons with disabilities and advises the College’s Executive Team on appropriate actions that might be taken in order to make this campus as accessible as possible. The committee seeks input, involvement, and support from all members of the campus community. Among other things, AAC performs annual “night walks” to review the campus’ physical accessibility and safety, provides training for staff on disability-related topics, organizes Disability Awareness events.

AAC membership has representation from Classified staff, Exempt staff, Faculty, and Student Government. All members are passionate about disability awareness, physical accessibility, sustainability, and equity and have a diverse array of skillsets. AAC works together as a team to make decisions and to achieve our goals, sometimes bringing in non-member visitors to consult for their expertise. 

The Accessibility Advisory Committee will be sending out monthly posts on DAAG featuring resources related to accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All College staff and students are encouraged to check out AAC’s public Sharepoint page. Also, keep an eye out for AAC’s YouTube playlist, coming very soon! There will be a number of videos, with more added regularly, featuring information about our Committee members, specific disabilities, and disability-related legislation and guidelines.


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