From Payroll & Benefits Coordinator L. Patterson: Timesheet Reminder

Hello All,

As a reminder, we are in current payroll cycle 04B, 4/16/22 – 4/30/22. Please see the following deadlines to submit and approve time/absences.

 DeadlineLOCK OUT
Enter Time4/30/20225/2/22 12:00pm
Enter Absence4/30/20225/2/22 10:00am
Approve Time (supervisors only)5/2/22 by 12:00PM5/2/22 12:00pm

*Please note the Lockout times are final, anything not submitted by that time will not be paid out on the 5/10/22 paycheck. Any corrections will have to wait until the next payroll processes.

If you have any questions or concerns please send to

Thank you,

Lisa Patterson
Payroll & Benefit Coordinator
HR & Employee Relations

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