From Payroll Manager D. Bryant: Timesheets in ctcLink

Good Morning all,

Welcome to our third month of ctcLink.  With each pay period that passes, we learn a little bit more.

  • Please be sure to follow the information in the “Timesheet is due” email every pay period to avoid missing a paycheck on payday.  The best practice is to make sure you have submitted all leave requests and time by the end of your shift on your last working day of the pay period (pay period end dates are the 15th and the last day of the month).
  • Supervisors, please make sure you approve your timesheets by the lockdown time.  If this is not done, your employee’s paycheck could be over/underpaid.
  • Timesheets will be locked from the day/time on the timesheets due email until two to three working days after the lockdown day  (example: this pay period timesheets are locked from Monday 5/2 through today 5/4).   I will start adding the unlock date on the emails sent out each pay period.

Classified Staff:   Please remember to NEVER use SOV on your timesheets, this will not pay you overtime. Enter all your hours worked in REG, and ctcLink will calculate your overtime or CTE (comp time earned) if you want to convert it to comp time.

Delene Bryant
Payroll Manager
HR & Employee Relation

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