Reporting-ctcLink Update

Shoreline Operational Reporting Network (SHORN), which currently includes staff from TSS and Institutional Assessment and Data Management (IADM) has received a number of questions about the report server, so would like to provide answers to a few FAQs.

Why is my report not updated?

The Shoreline Operational Reporting Network is working through a prioritized list of reports from the archived report server.  If you find that a report that you use frequently is not updating with ctcLink data, please submit a Report Request Form, and the team will be in touch about when to expect an updated report.

What about Formstack reports?

Staff from TSS, web support and instruction are working on ensuring that key forms related to enrollment and transcripts (e.g., student grading options, hardship withdrawal, ESL/ABE applications) are developed to meet key deadlines.  If you have a question about Formstack forms or using data from Formstack, please submit a ticket through the Support Center.

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