Message from Phillip King, Vice President for Student Learning, Equity & Success

Dear Colleagues,

We sent a version of this email to all faculty & staff on April 29. As we have now arrived at the Drop for Non-Payment (DNP) date, we want to send you a reminder regarding the DNP process.

What Happened:   

The College delayed the start of the DNP process for Spring 2022 to May 11 for students with class activity and May 2 for students with no class activity. Originally, the DNP process was scheduled to run on April 4 & April 11. Going forward, the DNP process is expected to run on the first & sixth business days of each quarter, depending on when students register for courses. 

  • On May 4, we dropped 34 students with no payment activity and logged class (Canvas) activity and took steps to ensure their ability to register for future quarters wouldn’t be impacted.
  • On May 11, we dropped 25 students and took steps to ensure their ability to register for future quarters wouldn’t be impacted.


Due to our conversion to ctcLink, many students were added to the DNP List this quarter for multiple reasons. As the campus community continues to learn how to navigate the new system, we felt it was important to extend grace by ensuring we did not drop students who should not be dropped (and perhaps would not be on the DNP List in a typical quarter).  

Here’s How We Reached a Resolution:

  • We organized a workgroup to review all students on the DNP List and conducted outreach to them.
  • We organized these students into different groups based on special population, class (Canvas) activity, and payment activity.
  • In coordination with appropriate departments (e.g., Veterans, Workforce, etc.), we placed Service Indicators on the accounts of certain students. 
  • We organized a calling campaign to contact all students on the DNP List to provide them with different funding options, help them navigate our payment process, and connect them to other supports.
  • We messaged impacted students on April 19, 29, & May 9 with info about the DNP process.

A Note on Service Indicators (i.e., Holds):    

 “Service Indicators” are a feature of ctcLink that, in many cases, we use to place holds on students’ accounts to prevent their enrollment from being dropped for non-payment. Currently, the three types of Service Indicators that Shoreline uses to prevent drops are called R02, F02, and B07.    


Phillip J. King, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success
Shoreline Community College

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