Campus Crime Update

Students, Colleagues, and members of our campus community, 

Over the last few years, our region has seen an increase in property crimes; especially thefts from motor vehicles and thefts of motor vehicle parts. So far this spring, our campus has seen 2 car prowls, forced entry into a building, catalytic converter theft that was interrupted by Campus Security, and an additional incident of car prowl that was stopped by Campus Security. This notice is not meant to scare you, but to inform you and provide some tips on how to best keep yourself and your belongings safe. 

  • Lock your car 
  • Some prowlers are only opportunists, trying door handles until they find one unlocked. That’s not a lottery you want to ‘win’. 
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle 
  • For items you can’t take into class or work with you, lock them in your trunk or vehicle lockbox. 
  • Keep things out of sight 
  • Just because you know your backpack only has dirty gym clothes doesn’t mean a car prowler will. You may not have anything stolen, but you could be paying for a broken window courtesy of a curious thief. 
  • Be mindful of where you park 
  • Trees blocking streetlights? Tucked away on campus? Doing your best to park in well-lit areas and near others can help keep your vehicle safe. High traffic areas are a good deterrent, most thieves don’t like an audience. 
  • Report suspicious activity 
  • If you see someone walking in the parking lot and looking through vehicles, contact Campus Security immediately. It may be someone making sure they look good for their crush, or it could be someone about to ruin your classmate’s day. 
  • Keep Campus Security’s 24-Hour Phone number close. 206-235-5860 
  • We offer escorts on campus, can jumpstart or unlock your car, and respond to medical and security service calls. We have an officer on duty and on campus 24-hours a day, call us if you need us. 

The Department of Safety & Security is increasing and modifying security operations, to include working more closely with the Shoreline Police Department. Campus Security will always be working to improve the safety and security of our campus, the tips listed above are just a few ways that you can help us too. 

Gregory Cranson 

Acting Director of Safety and Security 

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