Day of Learning Feedback

Thank you to the college community for your feedback on Day of Learning (DOL) April 29th, 2022. While the feedback survey is still open, DOL committee, Executive Team, and Student Learning Equity, and Success (SLES) want to connect back with you on what we have already learned. 

Most responses were positive. What we have heard so far is appreciation for the theme, and for the variety of modes in which sessions were offered in. The sessions attendees seem to have found most useful are the nutrition session by Sara Fletcher, The Open Education Panel led by Caitlan Maxwell, and the Data session with Bayta Maring. Hybrid and virtual sessions are available on the DOL site. A highlight for many who were able to attend in-person was the food truck. 

There is also feedback on what did not work for attendees. We will work on offering clearer tracks that span the whole day so that people interested in one area or another have sessions available through out the whole day. We will check the schedule and links  extra times for typographical and link errors. We will work hard to make sure all sessions are included in future feedback opportunities. 

We will use the feedback on Day of Learning to shape themes and sessions for Opening Week; the Opening Week Committee is just forming. When the Day of Learning 2023 Committee starts planning in October we will revisit this feedback in that planning. If you have not had the opportunity to give feedback yet, the feedback survey is still available. The committee will meet the last week of May to do a final review, and to make recommendations for opening week and future Days of Learning. Many thanks to the committee members, Rob Berg, Brandon Fryman, Randy Gottfried, David Isaac, Jonathan Molinaro, Rikki Pierotti, and Shanon Reedy. 

-Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, DOL committee chair

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