Campus Updates 05/25/22

Hi Campus Community,   

Here are this week’s updates!


  • 12 new positive cases were reported in the last 7 days (as compared to 5 new cases the prior week).  


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strengthens their recommendations for booster shots and expands who is eligible. Here is how to stay up-to-date with your COVID-19 vaccines. Staff can use work time to get a booster, but that cannot include travel time. Please note that you are not required to get booster shots to be eligible to work at the College; being fully vaccinated (or gaining an approved exemption) is the requirement for employment and is defined on pg. 13 of the Governor’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Proclamation.  


Can you use a home test after the expiration date? Answers from King County Public Health.  


Masks are now voluntary on college shuttles/vans, which brings the College into alignment with current federal practice regarding masks on public transportation. Signage has been updated around campus; feel free to print / post more in your area, as needed: Campus COVID-19 Precautions sign and Masks Voluntary sign.  




Please share with your students and campus community networks:  

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