Guided Pathways E-Newsletter

Tuesday June 6, 2022. Sixth edition

What is this Newsletter for? 

This newsletter is an effort to keep campus employees informed of our Guided Pathways-related efforts, to share stories from projects, and address questions. It is intended to complement our Canvas site, our update reports, and any webinars that we may offer.

Spotlight: Future Career and Transfer Center

There is some common agreement that our college should provide career services to our students. Likewise, that we help transfer students with their preparation and transition to Bachelor-granting schools. We do these things currently, but in a distributed and uneven fashion. To meet our obligation to all students, and ensure we provide easy-to-access support, there is an emerging desire to create a centralized unit dedicated to these services is the next step in our college’s development. The desire to help students identify their ultimate goals (why they are here) so that we can help them identify the educational path that will serve their aims, aligns well with the GP framework.

In the winter, Brigid interviewed diverse internal stakeholders to get a sense of what we currently offer, and to develop an (initial) aspirational vision. 

This spring, a small workgroup is developing recommendations for “Year 1” of our effort to grow a Center for these services, and we’re starting with career exploration and job-seeking services. 

Plans for Year 1 (2022-23) include

  • A dedicated, easy-to-find physical space on the main floor of the PUB
  • An online tool that prospective and current students can use to explore their interests and potential career paths (PathwayU)
  • A full-time (temp) academic advisor who is especially skilled in working with undecided students in determining their career aspirations and academic pathway. Welcome Matt Allen!
  • Amplifying the valuable skills of our WorkSource employment specialist, Laura Aunan. (She works with the Employment Security Dept of the state, and can help students with resumes, interview preparation, and more.)
  • Hiring a dedicated Internship Coordinator, using Perkins funding
  • Identifying leadership needs and planning Year 2!

Co-leads: Brigid and Lauren Hadley

Spotlight: Getting involved next year

In the previous edition of this newsletter I described many ways to get involved in the coming year.

I linked this grid of projects and all the different ways faculty can contribute to the work. There have been operational delays in getting opportunities formally posted. 

If you are keen to apply for a role, please contact me directly and I will get you an unofficial (unposted) version of the job announcement so that you can prepare your letter of application. 

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