This is a gentle yet important notification. 

Absence requests and approval, Leave Without Pay requests and approval, Shared Leave requests and approval, and time reporting and approval need to be submitted by 5pm – Wednesday, June 15th, 2022.

Timesheets for the 6/1-6/15 pay period will be locked at noon on Thursday, June 16th;  this means you will no longer be able to submit a timesheet for this pay period after NOON on June 16th.

  • When submitting a Leave Without Pay or Shared Leave request, please also notify the payroll office  Delene Bryant Ext. 4515  or the benefits office Lisa Patterson Ext. 4510
  • Working overtime, and the hours need to be reported to a different combo code (budget) than your main job?  Please email
  • An email will be sent when timesheets are re-opened for entering your time for the 5/16-5/31 pay period.

Compliance with this schedule will assure timely and accurate leave processing and pay for you.

Please remember, pay periods run from the first day of the month through the 15th day of the month and from the 16th day of the month through the last day of the month.  The due date for absence reporting and approvals, Leave Without Pay requests and approvals, Shared Leave requests and approvals and time reporting and approvals is noted above.


  1. Classified Staff: No comp time can be earned during the month of June, if you worked overtime you will be paid overtime.
  2. Classified Staff: You must use your comp time before vacation.  Check your balances.
  3. Classified Staff: If you have comp time accrued, please be sure to use it by June 30th.  Any time still accrued and not used on June 30th will be paid out to you on 7/10.
  4. Hourly/Student Staff:  Be sure to log your hours on a daily basis to avoid missing the cut-off for hours worked during a pay period.  If you do not submit your timesheet on time, you will need to submit a paper time sheet to payment for the past pay period may be delayed to the next pay period.
  5. Supervisors:  Will you be on vacation, be sure to set up a delegation as soon as possible to ensure your employee timesheets can be approved in a timely manner.  These delegations should be set up for the beginning of the pay period and ending at the end of a pay period.  See the QRG

Please me know if you have questions.

Delene Bryant
Payroll Manager
HR & Employee Relations

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