Guided Pathways Project Update: Shoreline Pathways

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to announce important progress on a signature element of Shoreline’s Guided Pathways (GP) efforts. A key tenet of GP is to make it easier for prospective students who visit a college website to find an academic path they wish to pursue. 

To this end, over the past two years, Amy Kinsel, Maya Smorodinsky, and Ann Garnsey-Harter have led a team that conducted extensive research, engaged interest holders, and gathered feedback to determine how best to group Shoreline’s academic degrees into categories that are meaningful to prospective students. Thank you to the faculty, staff, administrators, current students, and demographically appropriate prospective students who participated in this process.  

Based on research results and with the approval and support from VP-SLES Phillip King, the College now will implement nine (9) Shoreline Pathways. In the new design, seven (7) pathways contain college-level degrees and certificates, one (1) pathway contains pre-college degrees, and a final pathway is devoted to students who need time to explore their academic options before they settle on any one path. 

The College’s website will be revised to reflect this new model during the AY 2022-23. This pathways redesign is a critical step in rethinking how Shoreline engages new students as they join our college. Our overall GP goal includes revising student onboarding, intake, advising, placement, and degree planning to support students to find their academic paths and complete Shoreline degrees. 

You can learn more about this effort and the specifics of the new model by reading the announcement in DAAG or visiting the GP informational site in Canvas. 


Steve Hanson
Interim President
Office of the President

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