Hourly Employment Updates Effective 7/1/2022


In 2018, a state law passed which impacts the employment of part-time hourly positions beginning July 2022. Changes to Part-Time Hourly (PTH) appointments in effect July 1, 2022 forward are listed below:

• PTH may only work 1,050 hours or less in a 12-month period from the original date of hire or July 1, 2022 whichever is later.

• PTH are limited to 1 appointment per lifetime (including all temp jobs held) per higher education institution.

• Once the 12-month period is over, they can not be re-hired into another PTH position.

• Student (defined as enrolled for at least 6 credits) and work-study employees are exempt from the new rules.

Items that remain the same for PTH include:

• Sick leave accrual of up to 8 hours per month, dependent on the number of hours worked.

• WFSE-HE representation once they reach 350 hours in a 12-month period.

HR will be working with Executive Team members and hourly supervisors within each unit to identify and address the impact to current part-time hourly positions in 2022-23. While a lifetime limit of 1050 hrs or 12 months of employment will limit the use of PTH positions moving forward, there continue to be other options to backfill a vacant (through incumbent leave or while recruited) permanent classified positions and there are now options for less than 50% part-time permanent classified employment.

More information will be shared out as it is available, and in the meantime please reach out to hr@shoreline.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

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