UPDATE: Filming on SCC Campus August 1st-3rd

Filming on SCC Campus August 1st-3rd

Monday, August 1st, through Wednesday, August 3rd, you’ll see quite a bit of activity around campus. Filming will be ongoing in Buildings 2300 and 2600 on Tuesday, August 2nd, with additional rooms in use in Building 2900. Set up and clean-up will be scheduled for August 1st and 3rd. On the attached map, the areas marked in green will be cordoned off for the duration of the event, with the areas marked in blue seeing high traffic. All roadways will still be open for use, excluding the east roadway which is closed as a part of our HSAAMCC project. Please be respectful of the work that is being done and follow all directives given by campus staff.

HBO/Warner Brothers will be filming “Sex Lives of College Girls” on campus Tuesday August 2nd with set up starting Monday August 1st at 8 am.. in some of the north campus buildings.  It is set in a small college in Vermont and produced by Mindy Kaling. They filmed at UW last week. It will be a large professional film shoot and Tony Doupe will be with current film students on the set shadowing the producer. Some of our students are extras too! We also have dedicated SCC security and staff working the event.

The call time for the shoot (talent, extras, hair/makeup) is at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday August 2nd, so this will not interfere with the construction concrete pour, construction vehicles, and most of the college work day and classes.

They will still be setting up starting Monday and Tuesday, with most of the crew and equipment gone early Wednesday morning from a few classrooms and the #2000 and west parking lots.

  • The crew will be large and expect to see cables being pulled into #2300 and #2600 Monday from a generator in the #2100 parking lot. 
  • We are blocking off the west parking lot from IA Way to

#1400 (parking by #1400 ok). Parking in the west lot from #1500 – #1700 open for staff, student, film extras parking.

  • Expect to see 5+ large trailers and trucks filled with equipment in the west parking lots and the food services/hair/makeup/extras holding areas in the #2900 building/lot.
  • #2900 parking lot will be mostly inaccessible so please try to park elsewhere that day if you normally park near #2900. We are accommodating the ACCESS bus and other college business, as needed.
  • Upper gravel lot by #2000 will be blocked off but the lower lot is open for staff, students, film extras to park. Some of the actors are being shuttled from hotels in the area.
  • Loading/Unloading will be constant and will congest the roadway that runs between Bldg. 1700 and 1800 to the back of the Library. As well as unloading in the gravel Fire Zone between Bldg. 1800 and 1900. Drivers will always be with their vehicles to ensure the ability to be moved in the event of emergency
  • Please be quiet if you see “Filming in progress” signage on Tuesday afternoon after 3 p.m. and follow all of the instructions on the signs placed by the production crew and SCC security on campus that day.
  • The production will not impact #7000 Student Housing or the neighborhood.

If you have any questions, you may contact Suzanne Gugger at sgugger@shoreline.edu or Tony Doupe at tdoupe@shoreline.edu Greg Cranson at gcranson@shoreline.edu “

campus map

If you have any questions, you may contact Suzanne Gugger at  sgugger@shoreline.edu or Greg Cranson at gcranson@shoreline.edu.

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