Fall Quarter 2022 – COVD Assistance Funding – Last Quarter

Fall Quarter 2022 will be the last quarter of Cares funding – Emergency Aid COVID Assistance.  Please be aware of these details:

·     Fall Quarter Pandemic Assistance –  Emergency Aid Application opens August 22nd.  https://www.shoreline.edu/apply-and-aid/funding-and-aid/financial-aid/covid-funding.aspx

·     Students cannot submit applications before August 22nd for Fall Quarter.  If an application is submitted before August 22nd, it will not be considered for funding.

·     There is a limited balance remaining in Federal Covid Assistance.  We only have $350,000.00 funds remaining.  Not all students who meet “exceptional need” guidelines will be served.

·     Students may request up to $2298.00 for assistance for tuition, books, technology, housing, food, child-care, healthcare or transportation expenses due to COVID-related financial struggles.

·     Students requesting tuition assistance for Fall Quarter 2022 should give electronic permission to Shoreline to pay their charges.

·     Students requesting emergency aid for other expenses will receive their funds through Bankmobile.

·     Fall Quarter disbursement will begin on September 29, 2022 through the student’s chosen Bankmobile disbursement method.

·     Students must have a United States address to receive a Bankmobile disbursement.

·     Applications will be reviewed for common threads seen by the Fraud Investigative Team.

·     Students must be enrolled for at least one class at Shoreline to be considered for emergency aid funding.  Students cannot receive COVID Assistance funding at multiple colleges for the same quarter.

·     Students who indicate they want the funds to payoff outstanding debts at Shoreline during the pandemic period, do not need to be enrolled at Shoreline for Fall Quarter 2022.

Thanks for the teamwork, as we try to reach our students in need.

Margie Pederson
Program Specialist 3, Financial Aid
Email: mpederson@shoreline.edu  l Campus Phone: 206-546-5867

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