Campus Updates 08/25/22


Message from the President

I have been incredibly lucky this past week or so. I have been able to meet several new people and be introduced to new programs. Last week I met Steve Eskridge and took a tour of our athletics facilities. I was so glad to see the spaces where athletic instruction is happening.  I also took a tour of the Visual Arts department, offered by Mary Bonar. I was sharing with Mary that I was having visceral memories of my high school art class because some of the spaces were remarkably familiar (particularly that scent in the photo processing darkroom- it has not changed a bit!).  I used to do some drawing and you may catch an occasional scribble or cartoony figure in my notes- left over from my high school art days. 

I joined the SES team for their summer retreat.  What a committed team! We spent a lot of the time discussing leadership and best practices for shared decision-making and advocating for students.  I really enjoyed the way that Dr. King and AVP Pardanani were so purposeful in bringing folks together to get to know one another and share their visions for support and improvement as needed. I was also able to meet with the Workforce team. What an inspirational group of folks!  They will be doing some work this year to help us better understand the work they do.  This is crucial as it is so important for our community.  It was great to hear them finding creative solutions to working with folks who are learning English to better assist them and understand their needs.  

Some of you may see me walking around campus and “popping by” to say hello. These “walkabouts” were inspired by a great idea by one of our classified professionals. It is a way for me to meet and chat with folks I may not see in councils, committees, etc. Yesterday I visited the Assessment Center, Student Services, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid. It was great to learn more about their jobs and needs. 

I had a highly active weekend as well. I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen since 1994!  He and his wife moved to Tacoma about 20 years ago and we had stayed connected some by mail etc. but had not seen each other since I lived in the San Jose area. We met in downtown Seattle (and there was a Comicon event going on as we saw some remarkably interesting costumes!) and had a great catch-up. I was also able to join the Celebrate Shoreline event and see the excellent work of Outreach Extraordinaire Amy Stapleton at the Shoreline Community College booth. It was fun interacting with community members, especially the young kids who were so fun and full of energy. My favorite moment was when a prospective student asked if she was too old for college. Of course not!! I am looking forward to attending future events to learn more about the community and assist in our outreach efforts! 

Here is a link to my next set of virtual office hours! 

Have a great week! 

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  • Two (2) new positive cases were reported in the last 7 days (2 more than the previous week) 



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