Update, Outreach and Recruitment Team Transitions

Dear Campus Community,

I am writing to provide an update about some important transitions in our Outreach and Recruitment (O & R) team. This message is important to the entire campus as the O & R team interacts with all facets of the campus community. The team, reporting to Chippi Bello (Dean of Access, Advising & AANAPISI) recently lost Inez Olive (Director, O & R), and Freddy Vega (Associate Director, O & R) recently resigned. Freddy’s last day with the College will be Aug. 31.  

As many at the College are aware, it is vitally important that we keep this team moving toward our goals of reaching a broader and more diverse student audience that previous Director Inez Olive was working on. To that end, we’ve named two individuals to support leadership in this area through December 2022.

  • Lianne Almughirah (Director, International Student Services and Admissions) has been named interim director to support O & R with strategic leadership, setting targets, goal setting, and providing mechanisms to report on the success of strategies. She will report to Dean Bello. Lianne and Chippi will work together to update our local partner leaders like the Shoreline School District. 
  • Amy Stapleton has been named Associate Director to manage the day-to-day office operations, manage the two-remaining staff, assist in further hiring of full-time recruiters, and continue as our 1st outreach recruiter to high schools and our community. Any college-related questions related to O & R can be directed to Amy Stapleton

Additionally, the focus for the remaining team and work will include:

  • Katie Rousso will continue as our 2nd outreach recruiter with an emphasis on Shoreline School District high school career technical students and transfer interest students.
  • Steve Marshall will continue to provide assessment and intake of interested students, use of Salesforce, primary student communications contact (via web and Rave), and continuous support to the team and enrollment services.
  • We are in the final stages of hiring for the position of 3rd (adult populations) outreach recruiter. Soon to be announced.

Freddy Vega’s original #4 outreach recruiter position (parallel to Katie’s) was to support high school career-technical and transfer interest students. He also assisted many of our Spanish-speaking populations. His position will post for recruitment in the next two weeks. 

As we continue to hire within the team and continue to recruit and enroll new students, Dean Bello will be working on the new posting for permanent leadership of the O & R area. This position is expected to be posted and recruited in the fall quarter, with an expected start in the early winter quarter.

Thank you all for your patience with these transitions. 

Phillip J. King, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success


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