Campus Updates 09/15/22


Message from the President: 

I hope you are having a great week.  A lot has been happening in Washington state including the governor rescinding the state of emergency which will also end the vaccination proclamation on October 31st.  Paul Francis, the Executive Director for WACTC also reminded us that there is another directive (22.13.1, which is not tied to the state of emergency) that still requires COVID-19 vaccinations for all executive cabinet agencies and small cabinet agencies. However, higher education institutions do not fall under either of those two categories.  We will be updating you on how this impacts the college as soon as possible.    

Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year with a lot of challenges and changes.  While we are excited about a more ‘official’ return for the fall, it is understandable that there is some trepidation as it is a change for some folks.  But I must tell you, seeing more and more students on campus is really inspiring.  We also have some great additions coming to celebrate the beginning of the term, which we think you will really enjoy.  We are looking forward to folks coming back so we can begin building a new future together.  One that will not only bring back the students who have left the college but engage other communities who have not had the pleasure of learning with us on our campus.  We are looking forward to your leadership and ideas as we come together this fall.  I can’t wait to see you in-person during Opening Week!  

This past week I had some very interesting events that I wanted to share with you.  One of them was an event at City Hall as a “meet and greet” with the finalists for the new City Manager (the current manager Debbie Tarry is retiring).  I’m beginning to recognize some folks, so it was great to reconnect and discuss SCC with people in the neighboring areas.  I also exchanged contact information with a few individuals that are involved in DEI and other advocacy work in the Seattle area.  Making those personal connections post-pandemic seems to be more meaningful as we work to build relationships!     

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting our Gender Equity Center coordinator Roberto Lopez.  Now, I’m going to tell you a story that you will think is fake, but I promise it happened.  In the meeting, Roberto was sharing his vision for the center as a hub for belonging and community/social action and for expanding work beyond the center by collaborating with colleagues across the campus and community.  While he was doing so, a student walked in who was clearly looking for the kind of support we were just discussing!  I excused myself from the space and was so thrilled to see the work happening in front of my eyes.  A lot of great things will be happening in that center.  Looking forward to all of them!  

I attended a Professional Development event this week.  It was held by the Student Success Colloquium, an opportunity to connect with colleagues and showcase innovation and creativity occurring across the Washington Community and Technical Colleges.  One concept that really struck me was Radical Inclusivity as discussed by Dr. Jermiah Sims.  I hope to explore this idea with folks throughout the year.  

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, one of our colleagues reached out to me to advocate for gender pronouns on name tags. This can be particularly helpful for showing respect to people who are at times misgendered.  Soon, we will be looking at this in a more systemic/institutional way. In the short run, if you want to get your name tag with gender pronouns, please reach out to Lori Yonimitsu and we will get it done. Thanks to their advocacy on this item and to Lori and Gayla Hocker (who did some workarounds to make it possible to get pronouns added quicker!). I hope the initial name tags came out great!    

Take good care and more next week!  

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  • One (2) new positive case was reported in the last 7 days (1 more than the previous week) 



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