GP e-Newsletter 7th edition Sept 21, 2022

Guided Pathways E-Newsletter  

Tuesday, Sept 21, 2022. Seventh edition

What is this Newsletter for? 

This newsletter is an effort to keep campus employees informed of our Guided Pathways-related efforts, to share stories from projects, and address questions. It is intended to complement our Canvas site, our update reports, and any webinars that we may offer.

We have so much to talk about! 

Lots of exciting progress on Guided Pathways-related efforts!  In this edition, I’ll give you just a few teasers and invite you to let me know what topics you’d like some more in-depth coverage.

Our new Areas of Study Shoreline Pathways After two years of careful research, focus groups, and testing, we announced in Spring 2022 that we had a new structure for how we organize our degrees and certificates. Our hope is that the new Shoreline Pathways will “go live” on the web by the end of December. Amy and Ann will present a refresher during Opening Week and introduce what comes next for course sequencing.

Career Center opening

This Fall term will be a “soft launch” of a new Career Center located on the main floor (level 2) of the PUB. During Fall we are relying on skilled volunteers to welcome students and help them make use of the online resources available. We will also use Fall to find our first full-time dedicated staff members: a Career Center Manager and an Internship Coordinator. Drop by! We’ll be part of the Open House activity mid-day on Monday Sept 26.

Our new New Student OrientationSundi has been hard at work developing a vibrant “post-COVID” New Student Orientation. The first offerings are this September (21 and 26). We look forward to learning what works and how we can improve and scale up participation in this valuable experience.

COL 101: College and Career Success

After a careful process of design, pilot, and redesign we are beginning a scale-up of a new course. This 3-credit class is open to all but is especially designed for students who are new to college and planning a general transfer degree or are undecided about their goals. We have a great team of instructors who are creating a rich, student-centered learning experience. (As part of this effort, we’ve created a resource library, available to all.)

Entering Year 3 of Revising our all-college General Education Shoreline Student Learning Outcomes

It’s been a methodical and thoughtful road so far, and this will be a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-deep-in-the-writing kind of year for our new SSLOs. We have five “topics”, and the work ahead is to craft the particular language and ensure that each one is assessable. Learn more about learning outcomes assessment at either of two sessions planned during Opening Week

Opening Week 

Check out posters in the Main Dining Room and attend sessions about GP-specific efforts

  • I’m offering a high-level review and preview, Friday 10am
  • Ann and Amy will talk more about our new Shoreline Pathways and introduce a new phase of the project: creating course sequences for every degree. Friday 11am
  • Romina and Baya will host a highly interactive session to introduce folks to a slick new Learning Outcomes resource site. They promise prizes! Friday 2pm. (look for “Scavenger Hunt”)
  • Chippi and Moriah will bring you up to speed on our two Title III federal grants, both of which closely align with the principles of Guided Pathways. Friday 3pm.
  • Romina will offer a session especially on course learning outcomes assessment. Monday, 3pm

There are so many other sessions that look really cool! I’ll have a hard time choosing.

Get involved!

Several projects welcome contributors and/or leads. In particular:

  • We welcome applications from faculty members who are interested in helping lead our “course sequencing” projects. Details about this work have been sent to the faculty list, but you can also contact your Associate Dean.
  • We welcome applications from faculty members who are interested in facilitating the Inclusive Pedagogy Institute this year. Details have been sent to the faculty list, but you can also contact me for more information.
  • We are keen to put together a workgroup this Fall to design a sustainable, coherent approach to elevating student voices. If you are interested in this work, please contact Cheryl Allendoerfer.

What would you like me to cover in future Fall newsletters? 

Feel free to vote!

Have questions?

Check out the GP Canvas site.

I will be holding virtual drop-in office hours on Wednesdays from 4 – 4:45pm. Zoom (starting Sept 28)



Director of Guided Pathways

Shoreline Community College

Virtual office hours for campus employees:

Wednesdays 4 – 4:45pm, Zoom

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