Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College


Shoreline Community College is currently recruiting for following positions:

Admin/Exempt – Executive Director – Technology Support Services

   Date of first consideration: 10/5/22

 Classified – Dental Clinic Supervisor 1

   Date of first consideration: 9/29/22

 Classified – Program Coordinator

   Date of first consideration: 9/23/22

Classified – Administrative Assistant 4

   Date of first consideration: 9/26/22

Interested applicants may apply using the links listed above or for all our full-time and part-time positions available.

Please share with your colleagues and professional networks!  Don’t forget your social media!

The Office of Human Resources at Shoreline Community College appreciates your participation in the College’s ongoing recruitment efforts.  



Elise Robinson, M.Ed.

Human Resource Manager

Shoreline Community College

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